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A group of children and teachers stand in a circle around a multicolored play parachute. They are laughing and waving the parachute up and down


TRS Early Childhood Center provides a joyful and nurturing learning environment that fosters in each child the confidence and competence to become a productive, caring member of their family and community.  

We emphasize extensive, interactive, and diverse play experiences to promote the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each child. These experiences are designed to inspire life-long learning.

We celebrate Reform Jewish life, honoring traditions and exploring our heritage while finding its relevance in today’s world.

At TRS ECC, we are committed to meeting each child’s unique developmental needs. Our staff is continuously studying and incorporating the best practices of early childhood and Jewish education. 

Joyful Learning
A group of children run and play outdoors
Over 50 years of wonder


TRS ECC has been introducing preschool children of all faiths to school life since 1970. 

The Early Childhood Center provides a stimulating program that promotes the child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. The development of spiritual and moral values, as well as the joyful celebration of Jewish holidays, are important components in the school curriculum. 

Shabbat is celebrated each week in the individual classrooms as well as a school-wide observance on Friday mornings. The children celebrate each holiday with stories, food, music, and art. They learn about and practice tzedakah (righteous giving) and begin to understand the importance of mitzvot (commandments/good deeds). 

A young child in a purple shirt blows a long, curly shofar. A second child wearing a flower shirt helps support the shofar.


At TRS ECC, preschool children gain knowledge and experience by active participation and play. Our developmentally-appropriate curriculum and materials are planned carefully and thoughtfully to encourage children to use their senses in the exploration of the world around them. 

Respect for the individual student and their family is crucial in planning the daily program. Social and emotional development takes place when preschool children are provided with the opportunity to be part of a group. Learning to take turns and to share, to lead and to follow, are important aspects of the socialization process. Children learn to understand and deal with emotions and to work out problems in a group setting. They are encouraged to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings with their teachers and classmates. 


The intellectual development of the child is fostered in language arts through listening and acting out stories, following directions, and expanding vocabulary through conversation. Appreciation of literature and developing pre-literacy skills are emphasized. Math and science activities include counting, sorting, classifying and comparing, and using manipulatives. 

Grow with us
Three children slide down a hill together on a roller slide. The children are holding hands, and farther up the hill more children prepare to slide.


Active play and discovery

Preschool children need the opportunity for physical activity to help them to grow and gain control of their bodies. Physical skills are gained through fine motor movements such as the use of pencils and paintbrushes, manipulating puzzle pieces, using scissors, learning to thread, and building with different sized objects. Children have the opportunity to learn gross motor skills through music and movement.

Four large outdoor play spaces provide our students age-appropriate gross motor experiences in a safe environment. Children also have the opportunity to spend time in nature, learning about the natural world through observation. 

We have two well-equipped indoor play spaces that provide children with a variety of physical activity stations as well as elements for dramatic play. Our large indoor playroom provides children with the opportunity to use riding toys, dramatic play areas, a sensory table, tumbling mats, and building materials. 

A teacher covers her eyes to recite Shabbat blessings over a pair of lit candles. A young child sits next to the teacher and covers his eyes.


TRS ECC provides a safe and healthy environment for preschool children to explore, learn, and grow. 

Our qualified and experienced staff understands child development and are talented, nurturing, and dedicated. The role of the teacher is to guide, to encourage, to model behavior, and to strive to help children grow in all areas of development by providing the richest possible educational environment. Throughout the school year, our staff undergo continual education and training through conferences and in-service workshops to stay on the cutting edge of early childhood education. 

All of our teachers and staff are First Aid and CPR/AED certified and meet or exceed the Commonwealth of Virginia licensing standards for lead teachers. Lead teachers are certified in medication administration. 

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